Dimenxian was the first release in the DimensionM series. It won the Macworld Editors' Choice Award in 2006.

Portions of the action in this video also show the networked multiplayer versions of the game.

Evolver was the second release in the series. It covered a full pre-algebra curriculum.

The full story line was played out over 20 missions. The video you see here is the culmination of the game. It's the secret message left by Darienne's father that the students find when all the challenges have been completed and areas explored.

Next_Rail is a project in development that integrates algebra curriculum with the business, logistics, and operations of a railroad. 

Railroads are one of the few industries that are profitable in the recession. They are also one of the few industries that can never be outsourced. You can't send your transportation infrastructure to another country.

Kids see the supply chain of products, get a feel for our nation's natural resources and critical supply networks.

... and it's cool fun!

 And now for something completely different! Elegance in design: The World's Largest Game of Pong. 60,000 simultaneous players on one laptop. Conventional wisdom said everyone had to have an input device. Well, they do, voice not fingers. Most solutions to large crowd games leave you feeling out of the game because finger input is underwhelming. Voice input envelopes you and the stadium. It's a phenomenon. It's also scalable.