These videos were taken here in Sausalito at a tutoring center called Bridge The Gap where  I do some volunteering. It's an amazing center that gives kids the tools, vision, and expectations to make it to college.

I use my video games as a supplement to the homework help we give them. Some revolutionary things you will notice:

1. Concentration despite extreme distraction. Watch how these kids totally focus on the game!

2. Collaboration. The kids team up to figure out how to make it through the game. One kid controls the mouse, the other the keyboard!

3. Emotion!! The boys are smiling and excited. Pamela, in the second video, goes through a whole range of emotions from fear, to frustration, and PRIDE!!

Last, the interview with Robert down below shows how the feeling of accomplishment through challenge is more satisfying than just simple entertainment. In the game world, this is referred to as "flow" which comes from the work of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi