When Warren Buffet invested $23 Billion in the BNSF Railroad Company, it signaled the future of freight transportation in America. Understanding the transformation of the railroading industry as it’s tied to the economic growth of the country presents a great opportunity to teach math and science in the larger context of logistics, capacity planning, scheduling and complex operations. 

This is also an opportunity to involve corporations in sponsoring innovation in education. The railroading companies have a large stake in educating the public about their operations as they rely on government cooperation and funding.


Add story and purpose to railroading simulations that engage kids while they accomplish progressively complex tasks. Combine the big picture of the system into the need for strategic analysis and operational adjustment. Add multiplayer to understand competitive and cooperative challenges.


Full physics support within a realistic 3D rail sim gives players a real experience.


Our development team will be the first to create a multiplayer railroading sim.