The open ended nature of socially connected virtual worlds presents a great opportunity to create real world training and simulation of entrepreneurial and 21st century skills. But the fact that these worlds are open ended means the results of a simulation are real. 

With many of the businesses these days being digital, virtual, and global, using an open ended system presents a unique opportunity to create an entrepreneurial simulation and challenge.


Design a game that requires interactions with “non-players” to create real results.


vSide is an socially networked 3d virtual world. One of the aspects that set it apart from IMVU is the outdoor common areas and architecture that create traffic flow – courtyards and mall like areas. This makes it ideal to test such things as advertising placement, social group interaction, and store design.


A Joint Venture with Paula Abdul will create great engagement and make the integration of real world objectives possible. vSide’s hip look and feel along with a great dance technology makes this all fit together seamlessly.